About Us

We're passionate about saving people time searching for and reading relevant information.

We are a Machine Learning and NLP company that specialises in web data extraction and text summarisation. Developers can use our APIs to extract and understand key information from any web page or unstructured data source and break it down into salient points.

Our technology

Our machine learning and natural language processing technology lets you extract and classify web data, analyze documents and summarize large amounts of text.

Web extraction

Automatically extract key information from news articles, blog posts and forums and classify page types into categories. Our patent pending extraction API is used to help developers breakdown web pages into a structured format for their own applications.

Text summarisation

Instantly turn long textual information into short summaries. Our clever API can identify important phrases and sentences and extract only the salient points from text. Our Skim API is used for condensing large amounts of web content in third party applications for better readability.

Topic classification

Our Machine Learning Topic Models use NLP to indentify the topic of discussion within blocks of extracted text. We can detect data about your company, brand or competitors within live unstructured data. Use the API to build topic alerts for media monitoring, threat and crisis detection, logistics and business intelligence.