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How many calls can I make with a trial key?
The trial key is limited to 2000 calls. To upgrade your account email 
How much does it cost to use the API?
It is free to use the API with a trial account, which allows you to make a total of 2000 calls. We also offer paid plans for high-volume customers. 
What happens if I do more calls than allowed in my plan?
You will be charged at the overage rate for each additional call. See your pricing plan for more detail on what that overage price is.
What does the Content Extraction API do?
Please see our API documentation:
How does the Content Extraction API work?
Which languages are supported by the APIs?
The APIs are language independent, although we only support English out-of-the-box for Keyword recognition
How do you define a call to the API? / What counts as an API call?
A call to the API is a successful response independent of whether content is returned
Why am I charged for an API call when no content is returned?
We can't guarantee the quality or structure of a URL or HTML doc, we charge for our processing of the input you give us, if nothing structured is returned, then you will need to check the quality of the source data
Do you offer an on-premise solution?
We can offer an on-premise solution, please contact sales to discuss - 
How do I get a free trial API key?
You can request a trial API key on our contact page.  One of our team members will be in touch to set you up. 
What are Triggers?
Triggers are alerts about a particular entity, such as a company or a person. An alert is a collection of skims that are relevant to an entity. Alerts are periodically updated with skims of web pages that match the specified entities. Additionally, each skim in an alert is tagged with one or more topics of interest, such as investments or personnel change. We can also build custom Triggers for a particular industry/use case. Please contact sales to discuss your requirements - 
Can I make my own Trigger alert terms?
We can build you custom Triggers for a particular industry/use case. Please contact sales to discuss your requirements - 
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