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We work with a range of technologies either built in house or from our partners. Our internal tools, such as the Skim Engine or Triggers, enable us to gather data for our clients in a more efficient way, therefore accelerating product development. We also work with our partners Data Science Tools to ensure we always choose the best tool for the job, ensuring fast and efficient delivery for our clients.

Web Data Extraction – Skim Engine
Structure any unstructured content or data from the web
Use Machine Learning to mine data using our Skim Engine

Gather a breadth of data points compared to rule based data scraping techniques

Process any document type from PDF’s to HTML

Identify standard features such as: people, places, prices, entities, and more

Build custom feature extractions, to batch process a breadth of page types

Content Filter - Triggers
Identify relevant information within data
Use any source of data from RSS to Search, to identify relevant articles related to a topic or sub-topic

Train models specifically to an industry or sector

Our transfer learning techniques reduce the amount of data you need to train an effective model from 1000’s to 10’s

Easily populate a platform with content or build an alerting system using our RESTful Triggers API
Machine Understanding 
Train a system to understand the context of a Legal, Financial or Scientific document, extract relevant data points for use within 3rd party software. 
Extract words as machine readable code

Understand jargon based words & Phrases

Document or text classification

Batch process large document sets
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