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Our technology let's you easily extract specific information from documents, web pages, PDFs, forums, or any other content type.
Content extraction
Structure any unstructured content or data
Extract content: from web pages and documents such as images, text, HTML, videos and social media

Extract entities: such as keywords, people, organizations, products

Topic classification: Understand the topics of discussion in a documents

Page type classification: determine the document type such as article, listicle, PDF, long form, terms and conditions, media galleries and many more
Text summarization
Summarize any textual content
Extractive summarization: Automatically create summaries of text from web pages or documents

Multi document summarization: Automatically create a summary from a collection of articles

News summarization: Uncover the most relevant information in a news article

Page type summarization: Identify key information such as headlines, quotes, sentences and comments.
Text analysis
Analyze textual content using NLP
Analyze any textual information from the web or from a document

Sentiment Analysis: find positive or negative sentiment within a document at both sentence level and document level

Taxonomy: Classify documents to the IAB taxonomy, including more than 400 topics

Entity Linking: Link entities within a document to further information across the web about a person, place or event.
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