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Data Science as a Service
We advise clients on the best ways to access, process and store data. As well as how to build products from the ground up using data in innovative ways
Engineering and Data Science support

Prototype development

Data Cleaning & Storage

Product build and deployment

We offer workshops with clients to advise on how to approach a project whether we build the final product for you or not
Product Development
Our team of Data Scientists and Engineers work with you on building data into your own products. We work on anything from prototypes, to full scale systems. 

Our services include:
Bespoke algorithm development

Database creation

Data aggregation

Setup data pipelines

We often tweak our existing technology for use in your projects to give you a faster delivery and more scalable product
Project Management
As a company we work within Agile frameworks, such as scrum (Kanban chosen for R&D projects), giving a clear overview for clients, flexibility to make changes, and regular deliverables.
Dedicated Project Lead

Days and Weeks broken down with project deliverables

Both parties have clear understanding of goals and objectives

Shared scrum board for clear communication

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